What if I have Driving While Impaired (DWI) Convictions?

US clients are experiencing increased difficulty crossing the Canada/US border if they have a DWI conviction. The number of people turned back at the border has increased in past years substantially. Although the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association does not get involved in specific situations with “outfitter clients”, the Association has been active in addressing the problem on behalf of the industry.

Normally, if you have been convicted of an offence, such as mischief or driving while impaired, you cannot enter Canada without a permit that has a processing fee of $200.00 CAD.  However, you may be able to get what is called a “Temporary Resident Permit” for one visit without having to pay the $200.00 CAD processing fee if you have served no jail time and have committed no other acts that would prevent you from entering Canada.

Otherwise, you may choose to take your chances as the present policy in Canada does give the individual Immigration Officer a lot of discretion over whom they let enter the country and under what circumstances.

Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit