Hunter Testimonials

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“We have been fortunate enough to hunt with Maddhatter Guides and Outfitting several times. We feel very lucky to have done so. We have hunted many times with different Canadian Outfitters and Maddhatter is at the top of our list. Not only for the hunting, but also for the accommodations, meals and guides. It has and will always be a privilege to hunt with them annually.”

“A special thanks to everyone at Maddhatter for making our trip so enjoyable for our group. I can’t explain how much coming to hunt here every year means to me, it’s such a wonderful and fulfilling week. Each and every staff member puts every effort into making this a great operation all around.”

“Maddhatter is not just a world class waterfowl outfitter. They work hard to support the local farming community and even help your group contribute game to the food bank. They’ve been serving this area for 20 plus years. For waterfowl hunters, you absolutely must put this experience on your bucket list!!”

“Maddhatter is absolutely the best, most enjoyable and nicest place you will ever go to hunt geese and ducks. At every hunt there were more birds than we could count! When we went into the field, we were always treated excellently and with respect. Our guide was the best guide I’ve ever had. The meals were delicious and the camaraderie wonderful. If you want to shoot birds and have some ‘Good Old-Fashioned Fun’, this is definitely the place!”

“After two years absent years due to Covid, we were able to re-visit our old friends at Maddhatter. Our expectations were exceeded with exceptional waterfowl hunting, great food, and accommodations; and we met wonderful new friends. This was our 4th year and this part of Saskatchewan is truly a waterfowler’s paradise! Highly recommended.”

“It was our tenth straight year at Maddhatter. Great hunting?? Check. Fantastic service?? Check check. The guides and their dogs?? Top notch!! But wait, what about the food?? Think back as a child and eating at Grandma’s house. The cooks have nailed it year after year! There is no better outfitting operation anywhere. Period.”

“Another excellent 5 days! This was the 12th year for some of us. The thrill never wears off. For the two new members of our group, it was the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for the hospitality and friendship.”

“Fantastic experience as usual! This is my 16th year and I come back for a reason. Excellent hunts with a staff that doesn’t overlook anything. From the kitchen staff, bird cleaners, spotters and guides.

Maddhatter is first rate. Everyone will work hard to make sure your hunt is successful. Thanks to all!!”

“Fantastic time!! Great hunting and more importantly, great people. Thank you for a hunt of a lifetime and look forward to hunting with Maddhatter for years to come.”

“The experience at Maddhatter was second to none. From the moment we arrived we were greeted with classic, rustic Canadian hospitality. The accommodations were quite nice and the main lodge served excellent meals. But don’t get me wrong – this place is all about the hunt! As an expert hunter, I was quite pleased with the knowledge of our guide and the picturesque sites we hunted on. Let’s just say the birds were flying! We had opportunity to shoot limits on every hunt. I cannot wait to come back next year. Thank you Maddhatter!”

“Our core group of hunters are from all reaches of the U.S. and met here years ago.  Three of us have experienced hunting with Maddhatter for 22, 17 & 15 years respectively.  Most years we are joined by friends to witness the beautiful parklands of Saskatchewan.  The area is covered by mile after mile of golden cereal crops and peas; and interspersed by original forests, lakes and sloughs. The scouting for fields, lodging and meals at Maddhatter are top notch.  The staff are down to earth, first-class people. The hunting is “world class” and I challenge anyone in North America to try and best it.  Thank-you once again for my favorite week of the year.”

“Excellent hunting, lots of birds! Our guide Dylan was great and his retriever, Nash, was so impressive to watch.  All the staff were great and the cooks fixed fabulous meals, you cannot go hungry.  All around an excellent experience I would recommend to anyone.”

“Saskatchewan is truly the land of the living skies!  Our adventures at Maddhatter are always filled with spectacular scenery, great friends and waterfowling that will consume your thoughts every day of how you will return the following year.  Every past hunt has been burned in our memory and will always be with us.  See you next year God willing!”

“Another great year with Maddhatter!  Our guide and his dog were incredible as always, going above and beyond to make our hunts exceptional. The lodging is clean and well-equipped, the food is awesome and plentiful.  The spotters find us the best fields to hunt and the bird cleaners take care of the day’s harvest and donate meat we are unable to take home to the local food banks.  I have been to a few other outfitters in Canada, but Maddhatter is FAR above the others and I thank the entire crew for making this a hunt we won’t forget and making us want to return year after year.”

“My first trip to Maddhatter in Saskatchewan did NOT disappoint!  In fact, it far exceeded my expectations.  The complete operation is top-notch and the hunting was worth the drive.  Thank you for allowing my young dog, Cash, to gain experience that I cannot duplicate at home.  I certainly plan to return again next year.”

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